TDG-tech provides total solutions for electronic product design, 

manufacturing, procurement, and logistics management.

  • High-Frequency Magnetic Component And Modules

    High-Frequency Magnetic Component And Modules

    Applications: New energy vehicles, Wireless charging, Mobile payments

  • Microwave Components and Modules

    Microwave Components and Modules

    Applications: Digital Cluster, Mobile Communication

    Main Products: Narrow linewidth gyromagnetic ferrite material, High power gyromagnetic ferrite material, Low power gyromagnetic ferrite material, Li-series ferrite materials, Drop-in Circulator / Drop-in Isolator, Coaxial Circulator / Coaxial Isolator, Surface mount Circulator / Surface mount Isolator

  • Molding Choke Inductor

    Molding Choke Inductor

    Features: Low Profile and High Rated Current, Low DCR and Surpassingly Anti-Rust Ability, RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free, Good EMC performance and low noise

    Applications: Voltage Regulator Module, DC/DC Converters, Thin Type on-Board Power Supply Module for Exchanger, Laptops and PCs, SSD Modules.

  • Electronic Manufacturing Services

    Electronic Manufacturing Services

    TDG-tech is dedicating to the lean production of communication system, industrial control, security product, automotive electronics, IoT and new energy.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations



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